Tuesday, August 19, 2014

8 Guilty Pleasures

Instead of  confessions this Wednesday I'm going to be adding my www to the link up hosted by Helene and Sarah. We all have those guilty pleasure, these just happen to be mine. 

1// Fitness accounts on Instagram

The amount of time I spend looking at workout videos and meal plans is ridiculous. Oh, and protein pancake inspiration. 

2// Ham & Cheese sandwiches

With cheez-it's.

3// Online shopping but not buying anything 

Last night I gave in and purchased Amazon prime so I get free two-day shipping. Let's see how long it takes for this guilty pleasure to progress. 

4// Vampire shows/movies.

True blood, Vampire diaries, Underworld, Blade, 30 Days of Night, Daybreakers, you name it, I want to watch it. 

5// My little pillow

I always have to have my little square pillow to sleep. I hug it, AB hugs me. It's like a sleeping chain now a days. 

6//Drinkin' and Walkin'
Give me a tervis full of Southern Comfort and diet or full of wine and I'll walk all night long. It's amazing what you find... or what tunes you start to sing. 

7// Calendars
I have em' everywhere. In my purse, the kitchen, work, office. 

8// Secluded island spots
Humans suck. 

Helene in Between

Just walkin' the dog

It's always the little moments when I can step outside, slip off my shoes off and bask in the glory of the end of another day that make me happy. Sunday night we took AB's dog Kasmir ( Kado, my doberman, is still in Ft. Lauderdale with my parents, I miss  him!) on a walk to the only beach on the island that allows dogs. 

Trying to travel over to the shore with the dog in my lap and a wine glass in my hand was quite the situation. I clearly couldn't leave my perfectly chilled wine at home though. 

We walked the beach, walked in the water and watched the princess trot her happy ass around in the surf. The dog hates to swim but loves wadding in the waves. 

Sundays are my favorite. It was just such a great day that I wanted to document it. Maybe everyone should start noting the good things and leaving the bad behind. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Ice Bucket Challenge

Let me preface this post by saying that in no way, shape, or form do I have a problem with all the people donating to the ALS Association. I think this challenge is a fantastic way to raise money and it has brought more awareness than ever before. This is actually a brilliant way of using social media. It's about time it's used for good cause. 

I will not only donate to the ALS Association but also to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

I now challenge all of you to donate even a dollar, to something that has had an impact in your life. Oh yeah, and if you do happen to want to do the Ice Bucket Challenge I WILL gladly watch. 

**If you do happen to donate I'd love to hear what cause you chose to help. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

5 Things | Birchbox August

Birchbox: August

Birchbox: August by livingonsweettea 

Happy Friday friends! Today is only my Wednesday and it's going to be a busy one at that. I kind of feel left out of the weekend recaps since my weekends fall in the middle of the week. Fingers crossed that one day soon ill be a normal human being with normal hours. 

This month I actually got around to trying and reviewing my birchbox. I'm kind of stoked bc I feel like I actually got something out of this one. The dry shampoo sample they gave me is love at first try! While you're  checking this stuff out I'll  leave you with a weekend jam to get your groove on to. 

1| Dr. Jart + | Dis-A-Pore Beauty Balm | To start with the color of this BB Cream was way to light for me. I tried it anyways just to see how it covered my skin. I still have acne scars when when I was a teenager and I'll try anything to see if they can be covered. Granted my opinion is skewed but I immediately wiped all this off my face. It had an oily feeling to it and was too heavy for my taste. Would I buy the full sized version? No. 

2| Benefit Cosmetics | It's Potent! Eye Cream | It's suppose to help under eye circles and I'm not convinced a small trial sized amount will help to reduce the stress circles I currently have. I do like the feel of it once it's on. Maybe it's just me but I think it would work if given long enough. Would I buy the full sized version? Maybe once to see how the full product would work. 

3| Noir Cosmetics| Long-Wear Eyeliner | I wore this to work for a full eight hours and it didn't decide to melt down my face in the summer heat which is always a plus. I was a bad female and slept in my eyeliner/mascara this morning and it's still partially there after my shower today. Looks like it may be a good choice for something a little cheaper then the brands I normally buy. Would I buy the full sized version? I think so. 

4| NAOBAY | Body Radiance Lotion | As soon as I opened this month's Birchbox I smelled this product and was turned off by it. I tried it after my nighttime shower and again did not like it. It then went in the trashcan as I didn't see myself using this again. Would I buy the full sized product? Nope. 

5| amika | Perk Up Dry Shampoo| LOVE. I waited for a dirty hair day to try this and I can't say enough good things! It smells terrific, does not leave a residue and works wonderfully! Would I buy the full sized version? Hell yeah, it's already in my shopping cart. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Man Crates Island Challenge

A couple weeks ago I was contacted by Man Crates, a company that puts together non-frilly gifts for men. The gift "crates include things like knives, twinkies, bar wear and grill utensils. They challenged me to come up with 5 things I would want with me on a deserted island. I grew up camping/fishing/hunting so I have a pretty good survival instinct. My other half grew up in the mountains of Maine doing the same things so we've got forest, swamp and island life down so far. If we were really going to be stranded, hopefully together, this is our realistic list:

Hopefully the crate would be metal To be used as a fire pit, cooking utensil, water container or dry storage and it would include some paracord, a desalination kit, a pair of goggles, a machete and a fire striker. Granted if anyone was stranded I think most of that would be on their list so AB and I decided to spice it up a bit and let you in on what we would really want. 

AB's 5 Crate

His choices include a hammock to chill in all day, a fishing pole to catch dinner, some music to jam to and a frosty margarita machine, complete with tequila, ice and mixers. 

JM Crate

My choices are a little more extravagant. I'd want a cabana by the ocean (complete with cabana boy?), a full Taco Bell menu, a camera to take gorgeous beach pictures with, some fruity rum drinks and I'd want to be wearing a brand new strapless VS bathing suit. On the bright side of being on a deserted island I'd be able to get rid of all my tan lines. 
 Man crates appears to be really awesome. I haven't ordered one bc it would probably be one of the zombie boxes and I'd want to keep it for myself.  The idea of doing a man-crate type gift does have me thinking about what to get my guy for his birthday though!?