Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Humpday Confessions

Hello party people. Did yall survive taco,err tequila Tuesday? There was no tee-kill-ya party in my mouth last night, I stay the hell away from that stuff.. unless there's a margarita involved.. which happens.. so, nevermind. 

Anyway, I'm back for another edition of Humpday Confessions

// I never thought I would have my pick of jobs down here. Right now I'm full time at the school, still on the payroll to fill in at the hotel, AND I was offered 9 hours a week coaching gymnastics again. The debate is whether or not to take the gym gig. Thoughts?

// I secretly get excited about emptying the Recycle Bin on the desktop. 

//I just bought the first part of my Halloween Costume! In all honesty it really isnt that early...

// Our house is set up to watch movies in every room. Now we spend half the evening debating which room to hang out in much less what to actually watch.

//I always smell milk before I drink it. 

// Writing this post always reminds me of writing an online dating profile. I point out all my flaws up front.

What are YOUR confessions this week?

Have a  day.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Happy.. Three days late.

Last Thursday was suppose to be a celebration, another year of life for my better half. I said it was, "supposed" to be a celebration bc it did not end up that way. I spent the day with my head in the toilet. Lovely, right?

Not sure if it was from the kid germs fat school, or mild food poisoning but it happened. There was no cake, no gifts, no amazing food. Boyfriend doesn't really care for his birthday as it is and I didn't help this year. Just trying to get him to acknowledge it is an uphill battle and I was too out of it to prod him along with any enthusiasm. 

Three days later we finally celebrated. I gave him his gifts, made some fantastic funfetti donuts, took shots of Fireball and ate some of the best food in Key West. If you're ever down here, Santiago's Bodega is a must. Banana Bread beer and perfectly prepared tapas, I could devour everything on the menu. *The figs are to die for, fyi. 

The funny thing was, the chick and her date sitting next to us were taking pictures of all the food.. from every angle. I was tempted to ask her if she blogs. 

I digress. 

I guess the moral of the story is that things are what you make them.. or better late than never? I'm not quite sure but there definitely needed to be a post to show off those pretty sugar concoctions. 

10 Things that Drive Me Mad

1// Our dryer squeaking over.. and over.. and over during every load of clothes.

2// When guests hand me their reservation papers so they don't have to tell me their last name. Makes me feel like I'm not good enough to speak to. 

3// That I still don't have my dog. 

4//Having mismatched pots, pans, silverware and plates. I moved into a bachelor house, I should have known better.

5// When people call or text before 9 a.m. 

6// Realizing that I'm in my late 20's and I still pout. Not in a temper tantrum way but it happens. 

7// When people speak other languages in front of me, knowing I don't understand. If they laugh at the end.. RAGE. 

8//Three days of solid rain.


10//Missing a good sale bc I didn't find out about it until the next day.


Don't forget next Monday, September 22, is the See My City Link up! 

Livin' On Sweet Tea

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The return of Fall TV.

Can we just talk about how excited I am for fall TV premieres? I literally wrote down the dates of my regularly scheduled shows so I can look them up online or On Demand. Remember, no DVR?

Tuesday, Sept. 9
Sons Of Anarchy FX
*Did anyone catch this premiere!? I missed it bc of work so no spoilers!

Monday, Sept. 22
8/7c: The Big Bang Theory 

Wednesday, Sept. 23
Chicago Fire

Thursday, Sept 24
Grey's Anatomy

Sunday, Sept. 28
Once Upon A Time

Monday, Oct. 27
2 Broke Girls

Thursday, Oct. 2
The Vampire Diaries

Tuesday, Oct. 7

Sunday, Oct.12
The Walking Dead

Saturday, Nov. 22
Hell On Wheels

Seems my TV choices lean towards sci-fi-ish crap and drama. 
Do y'all have any favorites returning this year?? I can always add more now that I don't work nights! I know you can feel my excitement through the screen. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

I quit.

Back To School

Life update:

I hated my hotel job bc people are assholes. 

So I quit. 

The End. 

The reason I was able to quit..  I was offered another job!

This girl got a job as a para-pro a.k.a. support teacher for a local school. I will now have a kick ass schedule and benefits. I've never had weekends off so this should be interesting. 

I've been a little m-i-a for the past week bc I've been working two jobs, 7:30 a.m. to midnight. The only time I'm off means I'm trying to see sunlight so I'm not the palest person on the island. For the next few days or so I'm going to be a zombie -- I appreciate anyone snap chatting me and/texting and reminding me what the real world looks like. 
I'm off to finish my corona and sleep. 

Peace out kiddos.